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Polite Notice: Florence & The Machine
May 30, 2009, 3:09 pm
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The hype surrounding Florence and the Machine’s debut album looks set to butt in on the terribly dull synth-pop wars taking place between La Roux and Little Boots and An.Other boys and girls with Korg mini’s and geometric haircuts. Whilst In For The Kill and Stuck On Repeat are both straight up belters there’s not much else there, and live both synth-pop ladies are a bit lacking.
This definitely can’t be said of one Florence Welch. Her previous few singles have been excellent and showed evidence of her undoubtable talent, but it’s the new single, Rabbit Heart, in which things really get going. Her range is stunning and married to the nothing short of epic production of one Paul Epworth, this is Florence’s best single yet.

Here’s a little bonus – a lovely cover of Mystery Jets’ Flakes.
Florence & The Machine – Flakes (Zshare)


Polite Notice: Building up to be back.
May 27, 2009, 4:05 pm
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I’m so terribly lazy and for some reason keep putting off attempting to make a return to this, even though I keep writing posts in my head and do quite want to try and start this up again.

Here, I’ll just dip my toe into the water to test the temperature:

Turn on the real drums.