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Polite Notice: White Lies.

White Lies are the reincarnation of Fear of Flying, a three-piece of some small renown who I have drunkenly tried to sign on no less than two occasions to my made up fantasy record label. Now under the management of one Nathan McGough they’ve been snapped up by Fiction.

Now with an added member keyboardist White Lies have also changed music direction slightly. Whereas before they purveyed fast, dancey indie-pop very much in the vein of Good Shoes and The Futureheads, they now seem to be emulating, dare I say it, U2 and Echo & The Bunnymen. Yes, it’s Big Songs and Epic Anthems now.

They’re going to be massive. Here’s their most recent single, Unfinished Business. It’s got everything Big Music needs, from building church synths, to a propelling drumbeat. It’s like The Killers of old covering U2. It even has an ever so slight guitar flourish from Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine.

White Lies – Unfinished Business (Zshare)

Yet, part of me can’t help but wishing they were still the Fear of Flying of old. Their songs were smart and catchy. From the Stephen Street produced Routemaster, a song about two gay bus drivers: “I’ve waited 19 roads for you” to Three’s a Crowd, a song about vying for attention with your girlfriends cat: “gonna put you down, have you put down / to wipe away this sullen frown.” They deserved far more attention than they got.

Fear of Flying – Routemaster (Zshare)

Fear of Flying – Three’s A Crowd (Zshare)

May as well stick my Polite Notice Fantasy Record Label roster here. These are the artists I’d sign in a heartbeat if I had my own record label.

  1. P?????? P??? – Unfortunately, I’ve been sworn to keep this band under wraps until they’re signed to a record label. A band profile will come at some point soon though.
  2. Florence & The Machine – As far as I’m aware, she’s still unsigned. Not that I can imagine that she’s not being snowed under with offers. Possessed of an extraordinary voice, and a great songwriting talent, Flo’s definitely “the next big thing.”
  3. Marina & The Diamonds – Alright, yes, I admit it. I’m somewhat of a sucker for a pretty girl singing. But, go on, tell me you’re not!
  4. Sky Larkin – Twee indie-pop. Is there anything better? No. No there isn’t.
  5. And, there are many more. But it is time to go outside into the sunshine now.  Take this with you, and play it LOUD.  Johnny Foreigner – Our Bipolar Friends (Zshare)

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I was just wondering a couple of days ago what ever happened to Fear of Flying… now I know.

And if Sky Larkin could stop fannying about with cover EPs and get that album finished I’d be a very happy young man.

Comment by James Ayres

[…] up to get Lion Club riding the coat tails of White Lies’ (who this blog tipped for the top years back) […]

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